Tender Observation: Buntanes Direkrittikul (Pop)

Tender Observation - Buntanes Direkrittikul (Pop)

บุญธเนศ ดิเรกฤทธิกุล (ป็อป)

Buntanes Direkrittikul (Pop)

He might look like a casual and a bit quiet bartender you might typically encounter. However, there is a lot to like about this one. His tongue-in-cheek charismatic personality, mostly hard-hitting or drinks, and he subtly approach people.

It’s been ages of his residency with Eat Me, and this place is famous for a friendly and professionalism manners from staff. This guy is a bit beyond that. His dead-serious face or sometimes tired-serious face and sharp looking eyes can be scary but also very funny when he pulled out his whimsical charm but never without well put courtesy.

His posture is mostly durable but quite relaxed. He keeps things fairly quick and hard. From shaking, stirring to maintaining the spotless station. His drinks are primarily heavy and fierce, but lighter ones can be surprisingly light. Sometimes with fun ingredients as well and he’s not afraid to openly experiment drinks with customers.

Trust me, sometimes it goes beyond that muddled area of a liquid meal. It was quite pleasant to see how he acknowledges all the things, what’s buzzing and what bartenders are trying to stuff into the glass, Yet, he doesn’t hop on board with everything out there but rather observe and later put whatever he sees suitable for the regulars and demographics. They can be quite simple, but they stay or satisfy customers preferences.

His memories of regulars and their preferences are also commendable. Another pleasing matter is to see when the service is jam packed but he still caters to everyone both new and old faces and pulled off that humoristic spin until the bar closed. It’s somewhat to say that his teases and conversation with comedic touches and rarely seen impish smile are always entertaining.

There’s a special treatment to the drink. All you have to do is spot one obvious thing that seems to be ignored at the bar and asked.

Great Classics I’ve had: Bloody Mary, Martini, Old Fashioned

*Not include bespoke drinks.

Currently at: Eat Me

(As of August 2017)


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