Through The Menu: Negroni Sessions and other things, Dante, New York

            Coming from Bangkok where we had such a strict hour of serving alcohol. Day drinking is almost impossible and not typical behavior. Well, except Songkran and fancy Sunday brunch.

            Dante was on my radar for a while and I knew I have to try at least once plus The Negroni Session was repeatedly recommended to me.  For every random day, I feel like doing a day drinking over about two months. I ended up here to see how this whole pre-mix batch and their controls. Plus, the observation on a transition from moderately afternoon into hectic evening. The crowd is a mix of everything from white collars grabbing power lunch, friends who hate packed space or even those who want refuge in a relaxed area during the day.

            Below here are how I experienced the sessions at Dante. I will make sure I drop by Dante at Genuine soon for the other Negronis that’s not available here.

(I try to keep it short, in case you are reading this prior making the orders.)

From the Negroni Sessions

Negroni ‘On Tap’

Dante - Negroni On Tap 02
Bombay Sapphire, Campari, Martini & Rossi Vermouth, California Navel Orange

            A bright accelerating character of Bombay with Campari a little behind. It then turns into a silky orangey feel. This one is unfussy and works as a reliable minute choice for your thirst. Even when diluted, is still manageable.


Dante - Americano 02
Campari, Martini & Rossi Vermouth, Perrier, California Navel Orange

            Bubbles and Campari stand strong together before letting bitter herbal comes in and slips off with a crisp and creamy taste. A bite into the orange wedge does elevate some bitterness.

Sbagliato ‘Mistaken Negroni’

Dante - Sbagliato ‘Mistaken Negroni_ 02
Cinzano Rosso, Cappelletti, Prosecco, Gold Dust, California Navel Orange

            A juicy sweet pinch of champagne on the tip of your tongue. Quickly shifts to a lollipop with a bit of dryness and sweet fruity finish. Dante - Sbagliato ‘Mistaken Negroni_ 04            The adjusted new version was more obvious on its strong sweet aroma and taste, more citrusy, bubbly and zesty.

Negroni Frappe

Dante - Negroni Frappe 02
Junipero, Carpano Antica, Meletti Bitter Aperitivo,  Fluffy Orange Juice, Orange Zest

             The fragrance of orange zest and substance was welcoming but turns out to be a bit of a let down for its diluted creamy orange juice taste. I feel the shaken and crushed ice toned down the whole thing. (I recommend to go with Garibaldi instead, a simpler one that delivers)

The Sparrow

Dante - The Sparrow 02
Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Martini Rubino, Martini Bitter, Nocino, Frangelico, Orange Twist

            Pecks of caramelized blackberries aroma. Slightly a bit of toasty and hazel-nuttiness. Towards the end gives out a fuller body of sharp zigzag between cognac and buttery bitter.

Negroni Bianco

Dante - Negroni Bianco 03
Brooklyn Gin, Quinquina Aperitif, Alessio Bianco, Lemon Bitters, Baby’s Breath

            A medium dense liquid that has a soft mouthfeel. Lightly dry but full of juniper and bright bitterness. Later cools you off like a fresh white grape along with floral and a bit greenish finish. A lovely and mellow breakaway from the usual Suze laced White Negroni.

Old Pal

Dante - Old Pal 02
Wild Turkey Rye, Campari, Mancino Dry Vermouth, Dehydrate Orange

            Powerfully sweet and spicy from Rye. Shift abruptly by Campari into a more glossy off-dry.

Unlikely Negroni

Dante - Unlikely Negroni 02
Cabeza Blanco, Campari, Banana, Pineapple Shrub, Thai Chili Oil, Sesame Oil, Banana Chips

            Toasted fruits with sesame and chili from the beginning. The middle was all about big bumps of sweet floral and the fresh bite of pineapple. It was lighter on its way down with bits of spiciness and sugary.


Dante - Cardinale 02
Dorothy Parker, Contratto Bitter, La Quintinye Dry, Dehydrate Orange

            Sharp hurls of all the sour berries and herbs. It’s not rough but enough to give a throw of dryness pang.


Dante - Boulevardier 02
Elijah Craig Bourbon, Luxardo Bitter, Dolin Rouge, California Navel Orange

            Even the trio was straightforwardly forward but ends surprisingly light with a bit bitterly dry.

Negroni Coffee Swizzle

Dante - Negroni Coffee Swizzle 02
Del Maguey Mezcal, Martini Ambrato, Meletti Bitter, Cold Brew, Coffee Powder

            The wakey-toasty coffee is invigorating and was the thing that helped carry the whole thing towards mid-bitter, and the thinly sour fruity with an easy smoky finish.

Chocolate Negroni

Dante - Chocolate Negroni 02
Fords Gin, Campari, Punt e Mes, Crème de Cacao, Chocolate Bitters, Valrhona Chocolate, California Navel Orange

            Invoke you with milky chocolate and woody scent. The body is relatively light while simply presents cocoa and Punt e Mes. However, Campari notes were quite dialed down where the chocolate comes back at the end.

Other Things on the pillar and the blackboard

Negroni Royale

Dante - Negroni Royale 02            Very floral but highly contrast with citrus jelly-like scent in a liquid form with biting of big bubbles and a rather long bitter finish.


Dante - Garibaldi 02
Fluffy California Navel Orange Juice, Campari, California Navel Orange

            Imagine a mixed texture of fluffy cappuccino foam and satisfying melty but firm meringue which gives bright refreshing sweet. It does not entirely blend with liquid but is well meld while the phases of orange/Campari surge up. That lively bitter from the partial orange skin they leave on before putting in a juicer stroke you like a breeze. A bite into that orange slice adds up that juiciness. Almost make you feel you finally finish off your juice cleanse with a fresh slice.

At the end of the menu

Negroni Gelato (by Odd Fellows, Brooklyn)

Dante - Negroni Gelato 01
It’s the light orangish scoop at the bottom.

Partly soft-sticky and partly creamy body. The Campari is there despite midway being surprisingly sweet. With a bit of alcohol warmth and very little bitterness.

            I’m aware that not all ingredients are listed in there but what has been written on are apparent or inapparent enough. Dante has become my place to do a couple of escape hours day drinking. What’s offered on the menu fits when you don’t want a decent drink without a fuss, or you don’t mind who’s mixing them.  

            Those batches are quite foolproof and freshly made due to the high volume they sell. The whole list are approachable. However, if you know your gin and aperitif then go ahead and pick your favorite or have the barman recommend them to you from their whole collection which I think will continue to exapand.

*Note: They are donating $1 from every Negroni sold to God’s Love We Deliver (up)

Recommend drinks: Garibaldi, Negroni Bianco, Negroni ‘On Tap’

Address: 79-81, Macdougal St.

Phone: 212-982-5275

Opening: Sun-Wed 10:00 – 01:00, Thu-Sat 10:00 – 02:00



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