Tender Observation: Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

Tender Observation - Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

วิภพ จินาพันธ์ (ต่อ)

Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

He’s probably one of the people that instantly fits image many had about the traditional bartender. Professionally caring and comfortable to spend time with and amusing you with mixed drinks.

The first thing that you would feel is his warm hospitality while noticing his cheerfulness and earnestly. You will naturally confide in him of receiving a great time and drinking experience.

He’s incredibly humble and charismatic in breaking the barriers and getting into the person’s preferences and taste while also setting an obscure line. Sometimes there will be comedic touch, puns, and conversation as well incorporate of pauses and drops of words. Not only his great attention and observation with the people. He’s also caring and discreetly advise his fellow junior bartenders from time to time during the service.

There’s a relaxation vibe whenever he makes drinks. He always has concentration but isn’t that too arduous you felt the stiffness in the air. His movement is not too speedy and gentle without flinching or over-performing.

His skills in an adjustment of drinks to match the orders of flights or your mood of the night are incredibly sublime. It doesn’t mean a complete change. However, As he knows your profile and palette, it’s a bit of pull and push of the making to deliver the ones you like but suits your current state better. Apart from solid classics, the ones with his eccentric touches are never too boisterous but always effortlessly captivating.

As mentioned earlier, experience with him may not be rush of glamour or full of bold factors. However, it’s the one that slowly runs deeper overtime with familiarity and sophistication.

Great Classics I’ve had: Alaska, Blue Blazer, Blue Hurricane, Bobby Burns, Brooklyn, Caipiroska, Corpse Reviver, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Hanky Panky, Harvard, Horse’s Neck, Hot Toddy, Long Island Iced Tea, Negroni, Mojito, Old Fashioned, Red Snapper, Rob Roy, Sazerac, Tequila Sunrise

*Not include bespoke drinks.

Currently at: Q&ASugar Ray, You’ve Just Been Poisoned

(As of August 2017)



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