Ku Bar

This is one of a few bars that I can feel its individuality and how personal it is. The place doesn’t rush itself but is slowly metamorphic-ally change and artistically driven.

Places - Bangkok - Ku Bar 01            Its location is on the fourth floor of a seemingly under-going-construction building (maybe other stories are in the process of development) in a small dark lane. Once walking up, past the notice paper and the wooden door. Into the bare-bones interior of the long narrow room touch you with its mysteriously warm and calm air under a very dark candle lit tone.Places - Bangkok - Ku Bar 02            As if every composition within the bar is a blurry background that wants you to only focus on the drinks. No flair or noisy touches in the making and handful of bottles in display. Even music is on low volume but enough to awakening your senses without being a distraction. However, when there’s a live music, the sounds and ambient they have built are like a special night with an exception when sound might overcome the concoction.Places - Bangkok - Ku Bar 04           The menu is mostly focusing on infusions and local ingredients and presented in a very minimalistic style. Letting the drinker to experience and imagine on their own. They may be some swings almost feel like emotionally, but the concept and ideas were strong and with explicable details.Places - Bangkok - Ku Bar 03            You still feel that everything in this space is like a performance art or a gallery where you will experience things a bit differently with changes in mind. For those who sit at the table, the steps he walks out to strain and serve drinks at table-side is a nice finishing touch.Places - Bangkok - Ku Bar 05            At the end of the night, it’s like a live avant-garde bar with creations that didn’t call for mass attention but requires time, and appreciation for each serves and how much you can focus to deconstruct them. It’s also another place you can escape to.

Direction: 3/F, 469, Phra Sumen Rd., Phra Nakhon

Phone: 02-067-6731

Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday 19:00 – 00:00

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ku.bangkok


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