Tender Observation: Pailin Sajjanit (Milk)

Tender Observtion - Pailin Sajjanit (Milk)

Pailin Sajjanit (Milk)

ไพลิน สัจจานิตย์ (มิลค์)

Nerdy, witty and unconventionally bright. She’s the kind that can pull up recipes from her broad range of knowledge and quickly make it as close or match your palette.

How she mix drinks are built of steps and speed. Usually starts slow and stable but quickening when stirred and shaken. It’s noticeable how she gaze and concentrates on them along with her elegantly firm posture. Especially when seeing her shake, feeling the temperature and listening to the sound of the ice. Some points have been emphasized when dismantling shaker or straining. All perform with calm cautiousness.

Another thing I like is how she keeps everything neat and clean. From her operations to creations. I am particularly fond of how she plays with the aroma in an effortless but effective. Whether it is from a bottle she picks or her creations from research and experimentation such as extractions or garnishes. Her drinks are mostly soothing and clean and often with a surprising arc, whether strong or not.

There’s a distinct stillness but don’t get that she will be stiff. She’s unquestionably eager to learn more about you and open to discuss with attention. Her explanation with confident and flows of words are clear and full of positivity. Same as her connectivity and frank camaraderie with the team.

Great Classics I’ve had: AmericanoDry Martini, Negroni, Vesper

*Not include bespoke drinks.

Currently at: 008

(As of August 2017)


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