Through The Menu: The Cocktail Journey, Q&A, Metatron’s Cube: The Soul Signature (K)

How the concept of “The Cocktail Journey” came to be called back to the origin of how things in the universe are base on intersected and interconnected of forms and patterns. There are selected 13 sacred geometry forms the team has interpreted through myths and principles with distinguishes characters of 52 classic cocktails. Exclusively for you to experience a journey of origins through time. Almost like a testament to their style and a take on classics.

These entries are how I experienced “The Cocktail Journey” with Q&A. Some small details of garnishes or tweaks in recipes may vary per customer. Nonetheless, the team makes sure to pay great tribute to all the 52 classics with an abundance of research and experiment over the years.

Here’s some trivia time, If you pay close attention to the wall from the entrance, you will find small nameplates of cocktails going through years of creation.


Metatron’s Cube: The Soul Signature

The last four drinks are about venturing into the unexpected and surprising elements. These are selected showstopper cocktails that are best represent Metatron’s cube for things beyond limitation.

K♠️   Blue Blazer, San Francisco, 1862

Q&A Cocktail Journey - K - Blue Blazer

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Havana Club 3

Ingredient: Maraschino Cherry Juice, Hot Water, Angostura Bitters

Garnish: Orange Twist, Maraschino Cherry

Method: Throw

Glass: Old Fashioned

Words: A very pungent combination of Maraschino cherry juice and Rums. It kind of shocks you with its juicy and burnt finish. So heavy it has to be taken half a sip.

K♥️   Bloody Mary, Manhattan, New York, 1934

Q&A Cocktail Journey - K - Bloody Mary

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Grey Goose

Ingredient: Beef Tomato Juice, Black Pepper, Salt, Tabasco, Fresh Lemon Juice, Kimchi Tincture, Celery Bitters, Pink Salt, Dry Chili

Garnish: Celery, Lemon Twist, Olive

Method: Thrown

Glass: Collins

Words: This one was a bit tricky as they always have limited stocks on tomatoes (choice of filter, unfiltered) It has thick yellow tint with very sharp aroma and freshness. The mouthfeel was quite light but has full flavored heavy on savory and light tabasco. The finish was a slight creamy saltiness and bright and quite sharp kimchi.

K♦️   El Diablo, San Francisco, California, 1940

Q&A Cocktail Journey - K - El Diablo

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: El Jimador Reposado

Ingredient: House Ginger Beer, Marie Brizard Cassis

Garnish: Cucumber Slice, Blackberry

Method: Shaken

Glass: Collins

Words: It goes slowly and steady as steps toward the well saturate point of all compounds. A bit more heavy on the aroma side than the mixture of sweetness and tequila.

K♣️   Rosita, Boston, Massachusetts, 1988

Q&A Cocktail Journey - K - Rosita

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: El Jimador Silver, Mancino Rosso Amaranto Vermouth, Luxardo Bitter, Mancino Secco Vermouth

Ingredient: Angostura Bitters

Garnish: Lime Twist, Orange Twist

Method: Stirred

Glass: Copper Shot Glass

Words: The tube glass fumes you with a blow of aroma mainly from vermouth and bitters. The taste was very quick buzz of tequila and sweet bitterness that leaves quite a long herbaceous and citrus floral scent.


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