Through The Menu: The Cocktail Journey, Q&A, The Egg Of Life: The Experienced Creation (10)

How the concept of “The Cocktail Journey” came to be called back to the origin of how things in the universe are base on intersected and interconnected of forms and patterns. There are selected 13 sacred geometry forms the team has interpreted through myths and principles with distinguishes characters of 52 classic cocktails. Exclusively for you to experience a journey of origins through time. Almost like a testament to their style and a take on classics.

These entries are how I experienced “The Cocktail Journey” with Q&A. Some small details of garnishes or tweaks in recipes may vary per customer. Nonetheless, the team makes sure to pay great tribute to all the 52 classics with an abundance of research and experiment over the years.

Here’s some trivia time, If you pay close attention to the wall from the entrance, you will find small nameplates of cocktails going through years of creation.


The Egg Of Life: The Experienced Creation

These cocktails were created because of experiences and knowledge of iconic masters and legendary bars. El Floridita Daiquiri is created with the respect of Ernest Hemingway, or Pegu Club was invented by the Pegu Club.

10♠️   King Cole, Manhattan, New York, 1916

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 10 - King Cole

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Elijah Craig, Fernet Branca

Ingredient: Simple Syrup

Garnish: Pineapple Slice

Method: Stirred

Glass: Coupe

Words: Light and clean compared to what’s been put in. The coating mouth of pineapple and Fernet was there first. Then a little-spiced sweetness from bourbon aligning with the rise of cooling mint and rich herbs. Leaving a bit of sweet traces on your lips. It was when you bit on pineapple slice and realized how boozy the drink was.

10♥️   Pegu Club, Ragoon, Burma, 1920

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 10 - Pegu Club

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Fillers Dry Gin 28, Cointreau

Ingredient: Fresh Lime Juice, Hella Citrus Bitters


Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: A good dose of Gin that lets lime shines brightly and fresh. Very light body but a filling and covering mouthfeel. Additionally a deep and rich in fragrance and herbs.

10♦️   Claridge, London, England, 1930

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 10 - Claridge

Who: Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

Spirits and others: Bombay Sapphire, Mancino Secco Vermouth, Hennessy VSOP, Cointreau


Garnish: Lemon Twist

Method: Stirred

Glass: Martini Glass

Words: Well, Hennessy VSOP was a substitution for Apricot Brandy Liqueur. It was quite a light body with a bit of lemon and Cointreau. The dryly sour was a good mid-break as the quite complex sweetness has been there from the beginning and lasted till it goes down.

10♣️   El Floridita Daiquiri, Havana, Cuba, 1937

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 10 - El Florifita Daiquiri

Who: Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

Spirits and others: Havana Club 3, Maraschino Luxardo

Ingredient: Fresh Lime Juice

Garnish: Grape Fruit Slice

Method: Shaken

Glass: Martini

Words: There were no tears in sight of this white and yellowish liquid. It was quick stinging of maraschino and very faint smell of grapefruit. Very light as the whole sip with a freshly abrupt but invigorating end.


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