Through The Menu: The Cocktail Journey, Q&A, Pentagram: The Cultural Impression (5)

How the concept of “The Cocktail Journey” came to be called back to the origin of how things in the universe are base on intersected and interconnected of forms and patterns. There are selected 13 sacred geometry forms the team has interpreted through myths and principles with distinguishes characters of 52 classic cocktails. Exclusively for you to experience a journey of origins through time. Almost like a testament to their style and a take on classics.

These entries are how I experienced “The Cocktail Journey” with Q&A. Some small details of garnishes or tweaks in recipes may vary per customer. Nonetheless, the team makes sure to pay great tribute to all the 52 classics with an abundance of research and experiment over the years.

Here’s some trivia time, If you pay close attention to the wall from the entrance, you will find small nameplates of cocktails going through years of creation.


Pentagram: The Cultural Impression

A shape that’s widely recognized for a long time. This pattern is about cocktails related to a significant moment in history and famous figures.

5♠️   Mary Pickford, Havana, Cuba, 1920

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 5 - Mary Pickford

Who: Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

Spirits and others: Havana 3, Maraschino Luxardo

Ingredient: Pineapple Juice, House Grenadine

Garnish: Maraschino Cherry

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: The pale orange substance lingers with Maraschino and pineapple. It has bits of tiny tears among some large bubbles. Maraschino plays the central part in this one before letting the Grenadine and Havana join. It’s a short and robust sip of sweet to sharp tart.

5♥️   Tequila Sunrise, Phoenix, Arizona, 1930

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 5 - Tequila Sunrise

Who: Vipop Jinaphan (Tor)

Spirits and others: Herradura Silver

Ingredient: House Grenedine

Garnish: Lime Slice

Method: Build

Glass: Collins

Words: A mild and satisfying changes of sweetness. Orange juice was a fresh start while the Grenadine wasn’t too overpowering. The ending of sweet woody citrus notes of Tequila that lifts up a bit as the orange-bound back was an effortlessly gentle and even.

5♦️   Piña Colada, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1954

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 5 - Pina Colada

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old,

Ingredient: Homsuwan Pineapple Juice, Special House Blend of Coconut Milk and Sugar

Garnish: Maraschino Cherry, Homsuwan Pineaapple Slice

Method: Shaken and Roll

Glass: Old Fashioned

Words: This one is multiple and simultaneous jabs are well combined. It’s a bit of appetizing milkiness. A soft furry texture. A bright brush of pineapple. And a caress of fresh sweet coconut to close.

5♣️   Cosmopolitan, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1970

Q&A Cocktail Journey - 5 - Cosmopolitan

Who: Attapon De-Silva (B)

Spirits and others: Grey Goose (Chilled), Cointreau

Ingredient: Cranberry Juice, Fresh Lime Juice

Garnish: Orange Twist

Method: Shaken

Glass: Martini Glass

Words: There are that grainy notes of Grey Goose as the first whiff indicating its strength. However, the sourness buzz you afore the sweet and fruity part sinks into a quick turn in your throat. Making it even easier in the following sips.


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