Wise Rice Well Done & Red Hot Curry Pepper by Kitibordee Chortubtim (Gov)

Sipped - Wise Rice Well Done & Red Hot Curry Pepper - Kitibordee Chortubtim (Gov)

Who: Kitibordee Chortubtim (Gov)

Where and When: Vesper, World Class Event, 25 August 2016

Wise Rice Well Done

Spirits and others: Tanqueray London Dry

Ingredient: Jasmine Rice Water, Jasmine-Pandan Syrup, Lime Juice, Egg White, Smoked Salt

Garnish: Roasted Rice (Rimmed), Thai Chili Oil, Pandan Leave

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: The ivory liquid with fluffy foam sends out the pleasant sweet smell. Almost like freshly cooked jasmine rice and pandan in the summer. It is relatively light from the greeting of roasted rice and midway gently teases from botanical notes. Then, a smooth cut from the chili oil.
(*It’s worth noting his shaking sticky and gummy jasmine rice water into a relatively light liquid)

Red Hot Curry Pepper

Spirits and others: Bulleit Rye, La Maison Fontaine Blanche (Dashes)

Ingredient: Spiced Mulled Wine

Garnish: Dried Chilli, Dill Leaves

Method: Stirred

Glass: Old Fashioned

Words: It might give out a false alarm about being something stiff, but it’s not. Lead with medium-light winey fruitiness where the rye spreads to elevate all notes towards spicy but herby cooling ends. 

Since it’s Thai name was หม้อข้าว (moh-khao) a pot of rice and หม้อแกง (moh-gaeng) a pot of curry. It was meant to drink like eating rice with curry, and I think it reaches its best when sipping together.

Wise Rice Well Done works on the aromatic side where the Thai chili oil is a small link to a more intense Red Hot Curry Pepper that gives a swift kick and merges it’s spicy and herby cooling end with the remaining of jasmine and pandan.

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