Tender Observtion : Attapon De-Silva (B)

Tender Observtion - Attapon De-Silva (B)

Attapon De-Silva (B)

อรรถพล เดอ ซิลวา (บึ้ก)

He almost seems like a very reserved person. However, greeted with his friendly gesture and obscure words that will sleekly tease you into comfort and curiosity.

He knows how to juggle with thoughts and placidly handles people. I’d say it’s one of his charm that keeps people coming back for a time of casual but thought-provoking conversations and experience about drinks.

His movement in making cocktails are small, steady and short. From shaking, throwing to stirring. Another thing that’s notably often gone unnoticed is his attention to garnishes and how he picks glassware to deliver the texture and mouthfeel he intends for the drinker.

Drinking with him is like a thoughtful quid pro quo. He will drop series of questions that will have you ponder or to throw questions back to continue crafting your path of drinking with him. It’s fun to see how the combinations unveiled and made into a drink and all his experiments.

It’s amusing to know about the combination in his minds and how he plays on flavors by adding an odd or off ingredient that ends up elevating the structure of the drink itself. Especially his use of bitters and extractions. He’s remarkably good at crafting the finishing part and triggering the senses.

Once you have a walk down the path he paved, you will be curious to unfold more.

Great Classics I’ve had: Americano, Brandy Crusta, B&B, El Diablo, Lemon Drop, Piña Colada, Rosita, Rusty Nail, Sazerac, Toronto

*Not include bespoke drinks.

Currently at: Q&A

(As of August 2017)



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