Places - Bangkok - Q&A 01            Recognize a few house rules before going on board of the train-carriage like bar situated in a tranquil lane of Asoke with only a small signage. It’s going to be quite a ride, and there will also be various type of passengers.Places - Bangkok - Q&A 02            It has a low-key, yet classy mood where woods and warm tones express throughout the long bogie with a little helps from the light on dividing each section from gathering/standing floor in front, the main bar in the middle and a more privacy in the back for groups. There are mirrors here and there that gives a fun angle to observe the bar and drinks.Places - Bangkok - Q&A 03          Like a train that goes to places and people who travels. They often have bottles you might never know, exquisite bitters, elegant barware, and extravagant ingredients. The bar team keep themselves sophisticated and offering services reserved in manners with lines and rules. The menu is sometimes on trials, but they usually change it every four to six months. They are open to bespoke cocktails as well. Drinks will most likely be experimental on flavors, cooking techniques but still has a callback to classics and its elegance. Nonetheless, rarely appear specials on the blackboard are quite noteworthy. Places - Bangkok - Q&A 04            There’s also an opportunity for anyone who would like to explore the world of classic cocktails through the ‘cocktail journey’ that will reward you with an exclusive membership. Once registered, you will receive a  personal passport, a deck of cards and you are set to start from A to K.Places - Bangkok - Q&A 05            Q&A sometimes give answers to your what’s on your mind. Hence, they certainly know how to keep you curious and get you busy with trains of thoughts about a drink in each visit.

            Oh, and if you see Marilyn or two-faced pineapple, don’t forget to say hi.

Direction: 235/13, Sukhumvit Soi 2 (Alley pposite Rutnin Eye Hospital), Vadhana

Phone: 02-664-1445

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 19:00 – 02:00

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qnabar/

Website: http://www.qnabar.com/


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