Sugar Ray, You’ve Just Been Poisoned

[UPDATE: They have closed this location and moved to a new address 88/2,88/9 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Via Octo Seafood Bar]

Places - Bangkok - Sugar Ray 01            The creaky steps lead you to an entrance full of cheeky vandals on the wall and the sliding floor that welcomes you into a dingy hallway and low-key noises. Walking into Sugar Ray is almost like a visit to a secretly small squatting space runs by a clan of gentlemen for cocktail and spirits enthusiasts who seeks a hideaway.Places - Bangkok - Sugar Ray 02            Mismatch furniture and random collectibles scatter around the space and sometimes change, but the overall mood is always comfortable and laid back. At the main table feels almost like it’s merging people with the bar itself where you can casually interact with bartenders and other fellow sitting among bottles and fresh ingredients places in the middle of the table and shelves around it. I always enjoyed the sight and scent of dried spiral citrus peel dangling from lamps and ledges. The songs played are notable relaxing and it can be a bit groovy when there’s a DJ behind the deck.Places - Bangkok - Sugar Ray 04            The gentlemen team are professionally welcoming. They are one of a vital factor in the very cozy atmosphere here. How they manage the bar is quite unconventionally experimental and exciting to observe.

And don’t think the drink is going to be plain simple and casual. They often put it in a playful way and a bit tongue-in-cheek with what’s available on that day. You can see them on changing hand drawn clipboard menu, specials blackboard or classics on the shutter.

In your miscellaneous glassware, there might be anything from childhood candy, odd sorbet, combinations of flavors and notably Socrates Syrup from the house. Always shines with the curiosity of the barman ready to learn and adapt from their creations for future experiments.Places - Bangkok - Sugar Ray 03            With opening days that may be difficult for many to be a frequent customer. Getting poisoned from drinks, sound, and service at Sugar Ray is usually a pleasant experience

Direction: 126/21, 2/F, Baan Ekkamai, Ekkamai Soi 21, Sukhumvit Soi 63, Vadhana

Phone: 094-417-9898

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 20:00 – 02:00



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