Hennessy ‘Le Grand Voyage’ NYC

            I brought myself to a dim light street full of warehouses in the Industry Park in Brooklyn. There was only one warehouse lit with red light where an unmarked door led to a reception. You are given a golden chip before beginning the tour.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 01

            The staff in the first room greeted you with a glass from Hennessy VSOP punch bowl. A short introduction to long history over 250 years of Hennessy was presented underlining the thought of “never stop, never settle.” before the screen splits into a gateway.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 02

            There was a flash of light and sound of thunder where rain started to drop within its section showing the uncontrollable weather of the vineyards in Cognac region. Where Hennessy began its ‘Savoir Faire’ processes from sourcing Ugni Blanc grapes from four out of six growing zones. Before being pressed into aromatic wine. The light is slowly lit into a morning showing scenery of vineyard.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 03

            We all then stepped into permeate red fog. A demonstration of double distillation in Charentais copper pot still. The light slowly changes to orange and yellow. It was all cleared off in the end under bright white light, clear like an eau de vie.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 04

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 05

            A video presentation in the following room, Showing how Hennessy tasting committee led by master blender works the same way since the beginning of the brand. The daily 11 am tasting and discuss to decide on the flavor profile based on decades of experience and expertise.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 06

            We reached the maturation room filled with French Limousin oak barrels. A representative gives a quick explanation of barrels making and maturation process.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 07

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 09

            We walked into a gleaming white tasting room with hundreds of small bottles on walls as waves of colors portraying vast profiles of Eau De Vie like what the the Hennessy tasting committee had to sample to develop a consistent blend. Hennessy V.S.O.P. And Hennessy X.O. were served individually for tasting while we learn a bit of trivia on how the categorization of Cognac works.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 08


 Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 10

        The lounge is the final room. The golden chip is equivalent to a glass of drink. Available choices are classic cocktails made with Hennessy V.S.O.P. like French 75, Sazerac and Sidecar. Or on the rocks with Hennessy X.O., there’s an alternative option of green tea infused ice. Both served in Thomas Bastide glass.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 11

            Overall it was an experimental pop-up that’s easy to understand. Each room evoking curiosity with its multi-sensory and fancy factors before giving basic educational information about how Hennessy came to be.

            According to an article by liquor.com ‘Hennessy Le Grand Voyage’ will also be in Los Angeles and Miami next year. I hope to see it pops up in Bangkok as well.

Hennessy Le Grand Voyage 12


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