Tender Observation: Kitibordee Chortubtim (Gov)

Tender Obsertation - Kitibordee 'Gov' Chortub

Kitibordee Chortubtim (Gov)

กิติบดี ช่อทับทิม (กอล์ฟ)

            At first glance, his straight face and quick glare might intimidate you to keep distances. He likes to keep himself mysterious and it’s all up to you to explore it.

            He doesn’t talk much as he thinks, scans and examines things from afar to process about anything and anyone that can be information or ideas. He doesn’t usually start a conversation first or only exchange a few words on daily topics.

            However, if both are on certain tracks then you should be up for a tasting of his creations and experiments which he will happy tells you in detail of its stories, flavors and how he makes each ingredient or what made him do so. His eyes will be gleaming and sometimes childishly dreamy with excitement.

            With concentration but also with contrasts. His movements on preparing, garnishing or stirring are very silent and relaxed. Hence, he shakes with all his parts and hard as if putting all the strength into a shaker. The contrasts apply the same to his creations which always has tiny details that can surprise or keep you guessing. He’s almost predictable but at the same time unpredictable in one way or the other.

            Apart from all the interesting ideas and endless experimental cocktails he has in his mind. He can be quite hideously funny occasionally devilish with a sense of black comedy that surely will entertain you in some ways.

            If you spot his wry and sly smile, you never know what he’s up to, but you might guess he’s up to something. It could be your next drink, another topic of conversation or a prank idea that’s developing.

Great Classics I’ve had: Chrysanthemum, Silk Stocking

Delightful Creations: Mayfly, Red Hot Curry Pepper, Sai 8, Wise Rice Well Done

*Not including bespoke drinks.

Currently at: Backstage Cocktail Bar

(As of August 2017)


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