Through The Menu: Tiki Nashi, Zuma Bangkok

            I must say I seldom go to hotel bars in Bangkok and I have never been to the bar at Zuma until Pailin ‘Milk’ Sajjanit moved there. In June, I dropped by for their newly launched menu ‘Tiki Nashi Cocktails’.

            This menu is inspired by tiki cocktails, developed using common tropical finds in Thailand with some Japanese elements that would pair well with their contemporary Japanese dishes. (and it did)

            All five cocktails names derived from waterfalls in Japan which is also a pun on its pronunciation (Taki). Whether it was intended or not but 4 out of 5 drinks used throwing technique.


Daisen (B320)

Zuma - Tiki Nashi - Daisen - New

Spirits and others: Diplomatico Reserva Rum, Yuzu Sake

Ingredient: Lime Juice, Demerara Syrup, Herbs

Garnish: Fresh Chili, Kaffir Lime Leaf

Method: Thrown

Glass: Old Fashioned  Tin Mug (Updated November 2017)

Words: This Cola-hue liquid lingers fresh chill that lasts throughout the sip. With it’s lightly sweet from Demerara and Yuzu Sake that slowly built to clean sour finish where the intensity of kaffir lime joins in.


Kirifuri (B345)

Zuma - Tiki Nashi - Kirifuri - New

Spirits and others: Tanqueray Gin, Sake, Hibiscus Liqueur

Ingredient: Jasmine, Lemon Juice, Soda

Garnish: Pandan Leaf, Orange Twist, Hibiscus,(Rimmed) Homemade Hibiscus Power 

Method: Shaken

Glass: Collins Ceramic Tea Cup (Updated November 2017)

Words: Very bright and clear ruby-like color. You may think it will be sweet and too aromatic to handle. Hence, the hibiscus powder coats your tongue with a soft pang of sourness and tartness that goes well with a faint aroma of pandan which helps tone down the sweetness. As you take in the liquid, its a fresh and smooth mixture of a bit more gin then jasmine, and flavors from hibiscus liqueur that closes in with sake and last bits of bubbles.


Otaru (B360)

Zuma - Tiki Nashi - Otaru

Spirits and others: Abelha Cahaça, Yuzu Sake

Ingredient: Zuma de Coco, Passionfruit Juice

Garnish: Orange Twist, Mint Leaves

Method: Thrown

Glass: Collins

Words: Told to be a take on Piña Colada with medium rich yogurt-like liquid along with mint and cahaça aromas. Passionfruit and coconut come out a lot before its tad dry cut from sake. Not too overwhelming and can be quickly emptied.


Yasu (B455)

Zuma - Tiki Nashi - Yasu - New

Spirits and others: Lemongrass-pandan infused Bulleit Bourbon, Aperol

Ingredient: Pineapple, Lime Juice

Garnish: Mum

Method: Thrown

Glass: Coupe Elephant shaped ceremic glass (Updated November 2017)

Words: Pale pink with brownish tint sends of floral sweet scent inviting to sip its layers of fiddling sweet from pineapple and lime. Shortly, you will taste Aperol and bourbon that will leave your throat full of scent and a little bit of orange bitterness. If it’s not aromatic enough, the mum is there for you.


Hakoromo (B455)

Zuma - Tiki Nashi - Hakoromo

Spirits and others: Captain Morgan Black, Plantation Barbados

Ingredient: Zuma Falernum, Yuzu, Cinnamon

Garnish: Lemon Twist, Sesbania

Method: Thrown

Glass: Old Fashioned

Words: It greets you with sweetness from Rum and yuzu as sourness starting to emerge and followed by a boozy taste that has cinnamon and Falernum as backups. Bite on Sesbania to add a ting of greenish bitterness that will make your next sip even more fresh with bolder flavors.


    All five glasses do speak out Milk’s minimal approach of what I would say resulting as easily enjoyable tiki-inspired drinks. Where glass, liquid, colors, and garnishes don’t overpower each other while managing to be camouflage-ay boozy.

    They are a refreshingly bold mix of flavor with depths and heavily expressed aromas. It may be a small menu but I find them to be fresh and energizing for their use of a simple small range of ingredients and simplification of tropical drinks without losing its essence. Giving another reason to visit Zuma Bangkok for a relaxed refuge amidst Ratchadamri where there are very few bars.


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