Through The Menu: Sip Some Thai, Eat Me, Bangkok

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Interoir

            Eat Me has never been shy on the combination of flavors and cuisines. Over years, the bar on the ground floor went through a transformative period and became more serious about cocktails and spirits. It is noticeable they have strengthen their selections and direction. Additionally, connection and collaboration with the kitchen on ingredients, component of each drink and plays on flavors of food, too.

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Menu

            Sip Some Thai cocktail menu launched in March. It is created by head bartender Buntanes ‘Pop’ Direkrittikul and his team. Taking inspiration from dishes around Thailand, deconstruct and make them as cocktails with lively character and flavors that are easy to drink. Most of them are on sweet and limey sour side, no spirit forward or stirred drink has been released yet.

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Pop 03

            Some details worth mentioning, they stick on using fresh ingredients muddle and smash in shakers which later breaks into tiny bits after shaken and does enhance over all drinks. Even fruit juices pressed right after order. Using only a few infusions and almost every garnishes and nibble are meant to be eaten to boost up the overall flavors profile.

Laab-Moo (B320) (ลาบหมู) (Spicy Pork Salad)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Laab-Moo

Spirits: Ketel One Vodka

Ingredient: Mint Leaves, Shallot, Cilantro

Garnish: (Rim) Roasted Rice, Cilantro, Chili, (Garnish) Serrano Ham

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: This one has been around for almost three years and still going strong. It’s also one of the main reason of this spawning new menu. The Laab spices give gentle spiciness and scent that later combines with crisp cold sour liquid with a faint vanilla aroma. A small bite of Serrano ham adds a small savory finish along with the declining of spicy taste.

Mieng-Khum (B320) (เมี่ยงคำ) (Leaf Wrapped Bites)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Mieng-Khum

Spirits: Diplomatico Blanco Rum

Ingredient: Betel Leaf, Shallot, Ginger, Lime Juice

Garnish: (Rimmed) Roasted Coconut, Betel Leaf, (Nibble) Mieng-Khum

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: Though has a strong sour taste but what is really the mains of the drink is betel leaf and roasted coconut that goes well with rum. And Mieng-Khum from aside just adds crunchy fresh and sweet herbal finish.

Kaeng-Khiao-Wan (B320) (แกงเขียวหวาน) (Green Curry)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kaeng-Khiao-Wan

Spirits: Diplomatico Blanco Rum

Ingredient: Basil, Shallot, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Green Curry, Milk, Lime Juice

Garnish: Pea Eggplant

Method: Shaken

Glass: Ceramic Tea Bowl

Words: Think of lightly thick cold soup that has appealing milky green color and mild herbal aroma. Quite smooth with little sweetness and a bit of curry creaminess. Pea eggplants are fun to nib of its crisp texture and chew for clearing your palate with a bit of greenish flavor.

Kaeng-Tai-Pla (B320) (แกงไตปลา) (Southern Fermented Fish Entrails Soup)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kaeng-Tai-Pla

Spirits: Alipus San Luis Mezcal

Ingredient: Shallot, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Curry, Lime Juice

Garnish: Torched Shallot, Chili, Kaffir Lime Leaf

Method: Shaken, Churned

Glass: Julep Cup

Words: You may wonder how fishy it’s going to be compared to the actual dish but the coldness of julep style and a mix of flavors smooth things out a lot. You will get sweet and refreshing herbals before the taste of curry slowly builds up and just before it gets too much, the smokiness of mezcal cuts in and there you have a mellow savory and little spicy finish at the end.

Nahm-Prik-Noom (B320) (น้ำพริกหนุ่ม) (Northern Green Chili Paste)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Nahm-Prik-Noom

Spirits: Grilled Bell Pepper Garlic & Shallot Infused Ketel One

Ingredient: Lime Juice

Garnish : (Rimmed) Pork Rinds

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: Light and long sweet followed by sour aftertaste. Thanks to pork rinds which adds some dry and creamy saltiness while shallot boosts up some sweetness. I somehow feel bell pepper cannot substitute northern green chill making this one a bit too light.

Kaeng-Om (B320) (แกงอ่อม) (Northeastern Herbal Soup)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kaeng-Om

Spirits: Ketel One Vodka

Ingredient: Dill, Shallot, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Betel Leaf, Lime Juice

Garnish: Dill

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: Very clean with crisp sourness and a bit of sweet at the tip. Lead by dill and lots of herbs that is very easy to drink and urge you to munch on that dill leaf on top for a very dilly ends.

Lod Chong (B320) (ลอดช่อง) (Cendol)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Lod-Chong

Spirits: Tanqueray Gin

Ingredient: Jackfruit Syrup, Milk, Coconut Oil

Garnish: Candied Jackfruit, Pomegranate

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: Light with airy foam that lingers with soothingly sourness and juniper along with a sweet smell of jackfruit and milkiness that strangely reminds you of Lod-Chong. The body is not heavy at all but clean and medium light. Candied jackfruit and pomegranate do uncannily elevate this glass to be like a serving of Lod Chong without Lod Chong.

Kaeng-Buad-Fak-Thong (B320) (แกงบวดฟักทอง) (Braised Pumpkin in Coconut Milk)
Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kaeng-Buad-Fak-Thong

Spirits: Ketel One Vodka

Ingredient: Palm Sugar, Pumpkin (Boiled and Peeled)

Garnish: Baked Pumpkin, Sesame

Method: Shaken

Glass: Ceramic Tea Bowl

Words: Sweet tooth who loves to drink would like this one. Almost like a cold and fragrance Kaneg-Buad-Fak Thong, cooly rich of palm sugar and pumpkin tastes that’s not too heavy. The sip will get bigger and longer though.

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Pop 02

            Sip Some Thai is a nice and clever compilation of creations that nicely simplifies to drink and easily to comprehend it could be great ways to introduce basic essence of Thai cuisine.

            Hence, all of the drinks so far really deliver enough character and flavors to bring nostalgia drinking experience to those who are accustomed to Thai food to appreciate. It’s also great to see the more usage of local ingredients. I was told this section of beverage menu could expand and I’m looking forward to seeing how they will do it because there are numerous dishes and all the possibilities are out there. So far, it’s quite fun to sip some Thai at Eat Me.

            Below here are some of the others under development and experiment I was lucky to get to try them. Hope they will be added soon. 

Krapao Moo Krob Kai Dao Mai Sook (กะเพราหมูกรอบไข่ดาวไม่สุก) (Stir Fried Holy Basil with Crispy Pork Served with Sunny Side Eggs)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kra Pao Mhoo Krob Khai Dao Mai Sook

Spirits: Diplomatico Blanco Rum

Ingredient: Chili, Garlic, Holy Basil, Oyster Sauce and Chili Syrup, Lime Juice

Garnish : (Rimmed) Serrano Ham, (Nibble) Sunny Side Up Quail Egg with Maggi and Black Pepper

Method: Shaken

Glass: Coupe

Words: I arrived early that evening and Pop told me I’m lucky the kitchen is quiet to fry up some eggs. At first, I thought he was joking but he did pull it off in quite an interesting way on one of the street food staples.

The hard texture tidbits of Serrano ham is what you get first. Afterwards, it’s sweet and sour with tad spicy before holy basil hits along the slow build up of spiciness. Swallowed and it’s salty crunch with a nice creamy finish from the egg that’s like tastes you usually have when eating the actual Pad-Krapao with sunny side egg. (I don’t usually like to have oyster sauce in Pad-Krapao but this wasn’t so bad.)

Kaeng-Som (แกงส้ม) (Sour and Spicy Fish Curry)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Kaeng-Som

Spirits: Ketel One Vodka

Ingredient: Burnt Shallot, Burnt Chili, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Pineapple Juice, Kaeng-Som Syrup

Garnish: Celery

Method: Shaken

Glass: Tin Mug

Words: If they can make Kaeng-Tai-Pla then this shouldn’t be hard. Serving in a tin mug which reminds me it mostly appears with food tin tray in a school canteen. The mug maintains the coldness well like a Julep glass, It also makes you lift up the mug to drink and inhale the aroma and feel the light foam.

I’d say this one is easier than Kaeng-Tai-Pla for its juice-like body followed by lightly sour and spicy curry taste of Kaeng-Som. Though I’ve never eaten Kaeng-Som with celery, a fresh crisp bite does clean out for another sip.

Som Tum Poo Plara (ส้มตำปูปลาร้า) (Papaya Salad with Crab and Fermented Fish)

Eat Me - Sip Some Thai - Som Tam Poo Pla Ra

Spirits: Ketel One Vodka

Ingredient: Poo Plara Syrup, Lime Juice, Bird Eyes Chili, Garlic, Mixed Tomato Juice

Garnish: Tomato, Cucumber

Method: Shaken, Churned

Glass: Tin Mug

Words: It’s coldness in a tin mug full of ice! thus you immediately inhale mixture aroma of tomato and Poo Plara that strikes a som tum in your mind. Very light body of sourness with mildly spicy and sweet sugary end. Can’t really get that much of Plara but I understand not everyone likes it.

This post is super delayed! Supposed to be out since May!

Now I was told there will be some new street food additions soon!


Eat Me

Direction: 1/6, Phiphat Soi 2, Convent Rd.

Phone: 02-238-0931

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00 – 01:00



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